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Challenging Inter Insular for Guernsey Juniors

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Guernsey’s Junior Inter Insular squad faced tough opposition in this years Inter Insular against a strong Jersey Side. The U17 squad featured some familiar faces with Jack Turvey and Patrick Josey playing and first and second string. New to the event was James England who earned his place through recent good form and hard work. The U17 girls featured a mix of experience and youth with Danielle Parr playing at first string and Charlotte Lythgoe, who is still playing in the U13 age group at second string. First on was Charlotte Lythgoe versus Sophie Pallot; Charlotte showed moments of great squash in this match, containing Sophie and stopping her from hitting her fast-paced crosscourt shots and boasts, however Sophie showed her experience, getting on the ball early and out-pacing Charlotte to win 3-0. Beth Garton was too accurate for Guernsey’s Danielle Parr winning 3-0, however Danielle gave a good account of herself and managed to hit some good winners to get 5, 2 an 4 points in the games. James England, playing in his debut Inter Insular match, lost 3-0 to Thomas Bullock who controlled the tempo of the rallies throughout, however came out firing in the first game and did well to take 7 points. Number 1 and 2 string were a different story in the U17 team with both Patrick Josey and Jack Turvey winning 3-0. PJ learned from his final in the tournament on Saturday and really mixed up his shots and played a lot more aggressively which made all the difference. Despite a fight from Anthony Harkin, Jack managed to stay composed throughout his match. With a rather aggressive and hard-hitting start Jack set the pace for the match, which Anthony struggled to keep up with.


The U15 event saw Jersey dominate with Guernsey losing at every string. The most competitive matches came from Rhys Queripel and Jake Haines, with Jake improving in points every game against an in-form Charlie Taylor. Rhys as always put in a gutsy performance however the professionalism and focus of Stanley Tanguy prevailed and he took the match 3-0. Ben Taylor built on his performance from Saturday in his second match of the weekend against Will Ennis. The physicality of Will got the better of Ben in the end and he went on to lose the match 3-0. The girls were always going to have a tough time playing the strong squad of Jersey girls; the great thing about these matches was that they got to see the “next level” to aim for and will come away inspired to do better next year.


Coach Matt Robilliard commented, “I’m extremely proud of our juniors and the effort they have put in across the weekend. Jersey had the edge on us this time but we’ll come back next year fighting. Each player will take valuable feedback away from this event and I look forward to seeing how they respond to this in the coming months.”



Will Ennis (Jersey) Beat Ben Taylor (Guernsey) 11/3-11/5-11/2 (3-0)

Charlie Taylor beat Jack Haines 11/0-11/2-11/8 (3-0)

Stanley Tanguy Beat Rhys Queripel 11/4-11/5-11/4 (3-0)

Olivia Taylor beat Adele Le Page 11/1-11/1-11/1 (3-0)

Sophie Attrill beat Cara Le lenfestey 11/0-11/1-11/2 (3-0)

Reserve match: Daniel Higgitt beat Rory Bisson 11/4 – 11/2 – 11/4 (3-0) JERSEY WIN 5-0



Antony Harkin (Jersey) lost to Jack Turvey (Guernsey) 7/11 – 4/11 – 6/11 (0-3)

James Lewis Lost to Patrick Josey 5/11 – 7/11 – 3/11 (0-3)

Thomas Bullock beat James England 11/7 – 11/2 – 11/2 (3-0)

Beth Garton beat Danielle Parr 11/5 – 11/2 – 11/4 (3-0)

Sophie Pallot beat Charlotte Lythgoe 11/3 – 11/1 – 11/3

Reserve matches:

Thomas Bowden (J) beat Michael Kennedy 11/7 – 11/4 – 11/4 (3-0)

Esther Cushen (J) beat Jess Hurdley 11/5 – 11/1 – 11/2 (3-0)

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