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Heritage book their place in the final

Jacksons Island Team League

Heritage book their place in the final

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The first cycle of the Jacksons Squash Island Team League has come to a close after some extremely competitive contests. The winners, Heritage Insurance, last match didn’t go quite the way they had in mind, being beaten by second place, The Sitar Indian Restaurant. However, despite this loss they still managed to finish 14 points ahead and never really looked in doubt for the title.

Heritage started the match off well with number 1 string, Henry Birch, continuing his dominating form by dispatching Matt Robilliard 3-0. Andrew Rigden also pulled through for Heritage 3-0, however the middle order was where the match was had. Heritage’s captain, Zak Parsons, was a tough match for the Sitar’s Steve Falla, surging into a 2-0 lead and was looking ahead to another victory for his team. Steve had other ideas though and came back strong to win the 3rd 11-5 and the balance of the match shifted in favour of The Sitar. Steve took the 4th 11-8 giving spectators the deciding match they were after. The early exchanges were long fast paced rallies leaving both players exhausted moving into the final part of the game. Each player had match point, however it was Steve who took the glory for the Sitar and ultimately the match 14 – 12.

Hansard looked good value for second place coming into this match whilst Omakisoft were looking to build on their win against Blackburn last week. Omakisoft proved strong opposition as Hansard were only able to win 3 of the 5 matches giving them a 15 – 9 victory. This wasn’t enough though as The Sitar’s unexpected win left Hansard trailing by 2 points.

Grant Thornton came up against the Blackburn juniors, who were hoping to put the pressure on Jupiter after their collapse in the last two weeks. Callum Wrench was available for the hosts this week, however it didn’t prove to make much difference as Blackburn were able to claim a clean sweep. Grant Thornton were only able to take a single game off the Juniors as they took the match 20 – 1.
Unfortunately for the junior side the injury stricken Bourse were unable to field a team which handed Jupiter maximum points. After a strong start Jupiter were only able to take 4th place and they’ll be looking to improve on this in cycle 2.


Unfortunately for the junior side the injury stricken Bourse who were due to play Jupiter were unable to field a team once again, handing Jupiter maximum points. Nevertheless, Blackburn came out fighting and hammered Grant Thornton 20 – 1, securing 5th place.

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